I ve' been working with Alton Dynamics for several years on a professional level. The caring and dedication AD has given to our cause and the marketing models they designed for us is extraordinary. We count on them for all our marketing, multimedia needs and we have never been disappointed. Don't take my word for it, give them a call and find out for yourself. The best call you will have ever made....

Uschi Keszler
CEO, Pennies in Action

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We Magnify Your Brand

20 Years in the making

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We provide the strategy, guidance, and execution to design, launch, grow, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, in all categories.

With 20 years of industry expertise, Alton Dynamics was founded on the idea that every business needs a digital marketing expert to lead all marketing efforts. We customize data-driven, performance-focused solutions to help design, launch, scale, and optimize businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models. Thinking beyond limits means having an open mind to all possibilities that create impactful work for our clients. With no boundaries, everyone wins. We’re shifting the agency paradigm by putting client success ahead of our own.

Our comprehensive à la carte menu of services and month-to-month contracts mean you get only what you need, when you need it. Our team consists of Award Winning multimedia professionals and marketing experts; can take up any of your digital marketing challenges and provide compelling solutions to your business. We magnify your business. Let's go big.

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Our efforts must add value to your business.. We pride in our work. Our philosophy is that we will not be successful unless you are; so we go the extra mile to learn more about your needs, challenges, competition and industry and then create a tangible realistic model yet competitive enough to be on top of your dreams and business goals.

Value: “If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” Buddha

Our passion is to create amazing multimedia projects and marketing models to outwork the competition for you. We have hired the best multimedia/marketing professionals with heavy passion in the industry, so we can produce state of the art creative projects/campaigns for you.

Passion: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." -- Maya Angelou,

Our process is to listen to your story and goals carefully and create a personal service catered to your exclusive business needs and goals. We work with you one on one to give you the experience and results that we are part of your company.

Service: We believe “All of your customers are partners in your mission.” Shep Hyken

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
–Seth Godin, Bestselling Author and Blogger.
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One of the first question we always ask the customer is identifying the pain points. It is so easy to get caught up with your core offering, business development, building a team, sales, marketing, PR, branding finance, budget, investors and many other things associated with the daily and quarterly challenges!

Basically you need to identify your target audience and reach more and more of them on a consistent basis. That is where we come in and work shoulder to shoulder with your team to identify and execute a strategy in multimedia and marketing. We work with you like we are one among you, so you have one of the major worries of the plate and you can focus on your core offerings.

What are your

pain points?

What is Multimedia & how can I leverage multimedia in my business?

Multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements, such as graphics, text, video, sound, and animation, to deliver a message. Multimedia applies to all aspects of businesses regardless of industry. Multimedia, the name itself identifies varieties of media in which the end user see the output in different mediums of media such as TV, Internet, Social Media, Digital billboards, or similar mediums. Multimedia technology refers to interactive, computer-based applications that allow people to communicate ideas and information with digital and print elements.  With over 20 years of industry experience Alton Dynamics has created an award winning portfolio and the team at Alton Dynamics works with you one on one to identify, strategize, design, develop, execute and optimize the whole aspect of the process.

How much impact social media can bring to my business?

To question the power of social media in society is to question the importance of sunlight on earth. It’s no longer a want, but a need. Just imagine what life would be like without platforms that allow people from all over the world to connect. Imagine having to pay hundreds if not thousands on phone bills just to reach loved ones. Imagine having to email an entire album’s worth of photos so friends can see what you’ve been up to. It would be a very lonely world.

“But can social media really do any good for my business?”

EVERYTHING you want in Marketing under one roof

We want you to experience the Alton Dynamics difference! Our services are; Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Video Production, Multimedia design/development, Web design/development, Graphic Design, Commercials, Documentaries, Media Buying, PR, Digital Distribution, Social Media Ad Campaigns, UI/UX Designs and Custom Marketing Campaigns.

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